Caring for Pots


Nathalie Royston holding ceramic bowl, mug and tumbler

Unless otherwise noted*, all of the pieces are made from high-fired stoneware clay and are intended for daily use. They are food safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe and are made to handle hot and cold temperatures.

Because they are handmade, they require more care than factory made pots.

If you wash the pots by hand, use a soft sponge with dish soap and avoid metal or abrasive sponges.

Try to avoid extreme changes in temperature (e.g., removing from the refrigerator and placing directly into an oven or microwave), this may cause sudden cracking or breaking. Bring the pots up/down to room temperature before changing from hot to cold.

Please note that planters are intended for indoor use; the clay used is not frost-proof.

* Sgraffito pieces are made from high-fired stoneware clay, slip and glaze. They are food safe and dishwasher safe, but should not be placed in the microwave or the oven.