Nathalie Royston

Images of Nathalie Royston working on ceramics

Ceramics is, enjoyably, a medium in which I have direct contact with the materials. From me it asks for a practice in patience, mindfulness and letting go, and to me it gives the opportunity to create bespoke handmade objects. Since the first moment I first touched the clay, it was like coming home. I knew this was the work I had to commit myself to.    

Meet the Maker

Photo of Nathalie Royston sitting at desk

Nathalie Royston calls the picturesque Cape Ann, Massachusetts, her creative sanctuary. With roots deeply planted in the heart of Massachusetts, she hails from the vibrant surroundings of Greater Boston.

As a self-taught artisan, Nathalie's craft revolves around creating functional tableware and home décor that seamlessly blend into everyday life. Her creations are more than just clay; they are vessels of comfort, designed to serve a purpose, harmonize with home aesthetics, and elevate the everyday experience.

Nathalie's journey into the world of ceramics started innocently enough, with a pot made during an arts and crafts session at summer camp. This vessel was a mere 2 inches high and 3 inches wide, yet it tipped the scales at a hefty 2 pounds! Looking back, she fondly reminisces, "I fell in love with clay, but at the time, the idea of turning it into a career never crossed my mind." The epiphany struck later in life after stints in human services, and diversity and inclusion project consulting, spanning various sectors, including the arts.

Fast forward to the early 2000s when Nathalie embarked on her first ceramics course. Describing that pivotal moment, she says, "Touching that clay felt like returning home. I knew this was my true calling."

Since then, she has embarked on a fulfilling journey in the world of studio arts. Alongside her studio work, Nathalie has taught at the Boston Center for Adult Education, Feet of Clay Studio, and the Ceramics Program at Harvard University. She has assisted artists in fabrication and installation, as well as the coordination of gallery exhibitions.

Nathalie's art has been shown in institutions such as the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA, the Harvard Ceramics Program in Allston, MA, the Society of Arts + Crafts in Boston, MA, and the Boston Sculptors Gallery in the heart of Boston.