Frequently Asked Questions


Most of my work is thrown on the wheel, using stoneware clay. Once the pieces are trimmed and bisque fired, food safe glazes and decorative elements are added and they are fired again to approximately 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. This high temperature ensures durability of both the clay and the glaze. All pieces are reviewed for any imperfections that may affect functionality before being included in the shop.

Caring for Pots

For information on caring for your pots, please click here.

Custom Ceramics

At this time I am not taking any custom orders.

Small-Batch Production

By crafting in smaller quantities, less material is wasted, and less energy is consumed during production. This promotes sustainable ceramic practices, emphasizing minimal waste and efficient resource use.


All of the packaging materials are eco-friendly and recyclable. When possible please recycle/reuse.

Shipping and Returns

For information on shipping and returns, please click here.

At this time I ship to the United States and Canada.